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Do you have somewhere you can go? :iconmiipack603:miipack603 2 5 Music Lessons :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0 Fizzy Dainty 2 (Requested by deontae021) :iconmiipack603:miipack603 1 0 Fizzy Dainty 1 (Requested by deontae021) :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 2 Madame Xanthia 1 - OCs Part 5 :iconmiipack603:miipack603 1 0 Jacob Braveheart - OCs Part 4 :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 8 Jenna Lightningstrike - OCs Part 3 :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0 Emily Flutterheart - OCs Part 2 :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0 John Darkblaze - OCs Part 1 :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0 Moon Dancer Greets an Expectant Princess Cadance :iconmiipack603:miipack603 1 0 Princess Luna Comforts A Grieving Twilight :iconmiipack603:miipack603 3 0 Sodor Delivery Company :iconmiipack603:miipack603 1 0 Thomas and Friends Character Ideas :iconmiipack603:miipack603 10 0 Fanmade Characters :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0 My Faithful Student Cover Art :iconmiipack603:miipack603 1 0 Scenes of Sodor :iconmiipack603:miipack603 0 0



Do you have somewhere you can go?
Here is my latest piece of fan art for MLP.  This time, it is a scene from a fan fiction on called "Bumps Along the Way" by Draconic Xeno.  Here is the link to the story:… (I HIGHLY recommend reading the fantastic story to fully understand the context of the picture)

Brief background behind the picture:  After failing almost every other hope she has, Lavinder (left) receives a saving grace from above when her new pegasus friend, Popsicle, asks her if she needs any assistance.

Quite pleased with this one, to be honest.  First time implementing any sort of lighting effects digitally.  Hope you all like it and continue to embrace your creative sparks!
Music Lessons
Here is my OC, John Darkblaze, as he tries to play the piano - unsuccessfully - with Rara teaching him the basics while stifling a few smiles at his expense!  I've wanted to do this ever since I saw "The Mane Attraction"; I liked Rara's character so much that I consider her my "waifu," despite how ridiculous it may sound.  Hope you guys enjoy!
Fizzy Dainty 2 (Requested by deontae021)
This is a second drawing of deontae021's OC, Fizzy Dainty.  I came across both poses when searching for reference material, and decided I wanted to try both and see how they each looked.

To deontae021:  I hope you like the drawings you requested!  I actually had a lot of fun going a little outside of my comfort zone!
Fizzy Dainty 1 (Requested by deontae021)
Here is my rendering of an OC created by deontae021, who requested I make his OC in a similar fashion as my own.

Hope you like it, dude!
Madame Xanthia 1 - OCs Part 5
Here is another one of my OCs, the shifty psychic Madame Xanthia.  Inspired by the mythological creature Medusa and the Mane-iac, this Earth pony villain resides in the Everfree Forest, waiting to lure unsuspecting passer-bys into a zombie-like trance to carry out her dirty work.


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John Darkblaze
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Hello to all bronies and tankies out there! My name is Miipack603, or John Darkblaze according to other sites, and I hail from the Northeast region of the USA.


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